Best HDTV for a 360

By deano3041
Jan 9, 2007
  1. ok i am in the market for an HDTV and im buying an xbox 360 soon i will be playing it in a fairly small room so i am looking for anywhere from a 24 inch to a 32 inch assuming an lcd would be best in my case but what im not sure about is i really want the best picture quality out of my 360 so do i need to get a 1080p tv? i need hdmi?...i know the current 360 does not support hdmi but a the new one will....and as far as that goes now that the 360 supports 1080p are the games actually in 1080p or not any help or recomendations on a tv would be fantastic
  2. taylub

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    Oh first things if your gaming you NEED a LCD because in plasma the picture is generated by gas which can harden from stress like games put on it, LCDs wont.

    Well for my 360 i use a samsung 32in and belive me my room is pretty small so its nice having the big screen

    The tv is fairly cheap for its features
    there is a problem though on the back of the TV there is only one set of RGB cables so if you want HD TV and HD 360 you have to go back and unplug the cables eveytime and switch them around.
    Belive me it gets confusing i have so many cables back there
    ( Wii, 360,2comp cables, HD tv, sound cables)
  3. deano3041

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  4. redwinger

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    or he can go with a dlp model where theres no stress at all.
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