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Dec 8, 2004
  1. Could someone name me the headphones that give the best sound quality possible please?
  2. howard_hopkinso

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  3. young&wild

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    I think it really boils down to what you listen to. In my opinion, Sennheiser have been known to perform well classical music. Their high end models can be hard to drive due to higher impedance and you need a headphone amp to make full use of them. On the other hand, if you listen to rock, go for headphones from the Grado line.
  4. Ligar

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    I want em for gaming and DVD's.

    Mostly gaming though!

    What are the best ones?
  5. The Best Alias

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    Audio Technica is considered to be the industry standard in most recording studios. Beyer Dynamic makes some really great closed isolation headphones which a lot of drummers (including myself) really like. Sennheiser is also a good choice.

    Note: If you do select a professional/studio grade set of cans, you'll need more power than a typical soundcard's headphone jack will deliver. My headphone amp is 40 watts and sometimes it's not enough.
  6. LNCPapa

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    You can get really crazy with any piece of hardware. Saying I want the best is not really going to be descriptive enough. Perhaps you should change your question to the best in $xxx-xxx price range. How much are you willing to spend on a pair of headphones? You can pay up to $13,000 US for a pair of Sennheiser's Orpheus. I'm sure that's probably out of the price range you are considering.
  7. Ligar

    Ligar TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 50

    13 grand, jesus christ almighty how can headphones be worth anywhere near that ammount?

    I wouldent pay anything over £60 ($37).
  8. Nick 2k4

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    £60 is $115
  9. Ligar

    Ligar TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 50

    lol whoops I got it the wrong way round :knock:
  10. dreamers

    dreamers TS Rookie

    uhm those brand better than Sony's headphones?
  11. young&wild

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    Yes, majority of the headphones products from Sennheiser, Grado, Audio Technica, Beyer Dynamic and etc are better than Sony. Just because you've never heard of them before doesnt they are not better than Sony. These companies unlike Sony specialises in the production of headphones, their quality and reputation sell for themselves in the audio world and therefore requires less publicity.

    Anyway, back to the topic. Ligar, I suggest you have a look at They are experts in high quality headphones. Feel free to sign up in order to use their search feature. I m sure you will get precise recommendations.
  12. Ligar

    Ligar TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 50

    Could someone with headphone knowledge plz choose a pair from HERE as I havent got the slightest clue as to what is good and what isent.

    £65 budget.

    I'll be using them for gaming mostly and sometimes DVD's !!!.


    Does anyone know if the PC 145 and PC 155 offer the same audio qulity and features minus the 'proper' headband???


    Are THESE better?

    They look like a really good pair but something tells me there pretty naff too. lol.
  13. young&wild

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    If I were you, I wont touch the PC series from Sennheiser.

    After some reasearch, I found that Audio Technica ATH-A500 here seems to be the best choice for gaming within your budget at USD$109.
    Unlike some Hifi headphones, this Audio Technica is easy to drive.

    If I m not mistaken, Audio Cubes does delivery to Europe as well.

    Hope this helps.
  14. Ligar

    Ligar TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 50

    They do look nice and are considerably cheaper then the Seinthisers.

    I need some onfirmation about em being better than the Seinthisers.

    I'm fed up of buying stuff then realising I could of got better for the same £££. lol.
  15. young&wild

    young&wild TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 993

    Its not that the Sennheisers are that bad. It just that buying a headphone is a one off thing. You might as well get the best you can afford. From what I've read, Audio Technica ATH-A500 is known to be a bargain for its price.
  16. Ligar

    Ligar TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 50

    I need the best audio quality you can get for £65 or less.

    I dont mind if its got a naff stringy headband or hasent got a mic or hasent got an integrated sound card, ect. Just as long as they give the best quality playback for that budget.

    Can someone plz link me to a pair that give the best audio playback for £65-£70 or less. ty.

    Also, the review section is full of people saying those Audio-Technica ATH-A500's are the best thing ever and give em 5/5 stars.

    Sounds like an Audio-Technica company top man or paid Audio-Technica employee making multiple reviews under differant names and paying the website owner to hush hush about it. You never know :(

  17. fidesangel

    fidesangel TS Rookie

    Things to consider

    First of all paying over $100 for headphones is stupid. Its just so you can show off.
    Here is a list that varies in price:

    1.See Sennheiser HD570, are supposed to be awesome, but they are not gaming headphones. Real gaming headphones have a mic (Sennheiser PC150 are gaming ones with a mic). Atleast for the hardcore gamer this can be a very important feature (roger wilco, team speak, etc...) Most Sennheisers have great audio, but they lack a mic, unless you use the phone communicating ones, which defeats the purpose when your looking for quality audio. Do not waste your money on unnecessary crap, if you do not care for a mic get Zalman 5.1 (ZM-RS6F). They can be bought for $42-$50. Now save those $75 extra dollars, get yourself Battlefield 2, when it comes out. You will still have $35 dollars get yourself the Thermaltake Extreme Giant III vga cooler, and kick @$$ all day online. That or save more money and get Sennheiser PC150, they are not as good though.

    2. Second suggestion, because Second is the best, this is what I got, Plantropic Gamecom Pro 1. These babies are nice, I can tell which direction the noise is comming from with these babies. In Americas Army, and Battlefield I whoop *** because its hard to sneak behind me. Though I am think of trying this baby out: Altec Lansing AHS602. This baby is suppose to be awesome. Just do not waste more than $100. Remember there is only so much you can here.
  18. Ligar

    Ligar TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 50

    So which give the most immersive and clear sound out of em all????

    Sound, to me, is extremly important in games cos I like to be immersed and to create a realistic feeling.

    Theres nothing quite as cool as listening to all the sounds when the **** hits the fan in gmes like America's Army, ect on a high quality sound set-up.
  19. dreamers

    dreamers TS Rookie

    Agreed to fidesangel. To gaming, when u play u are more notice to the screen, less notice will go to ur ears, what u hear is just natural and will be less accurrate so dun pay much to a gaming headset.

    If u finding headphonse to enjoy music, its big differrence!
  20. Ligar

    Ligar TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 50

    No, I prefer high quality sound to high quality visuals anyday.

    I'm an absolute sound junkie and have even taken back some war games cos they got ****e sound.

    Theres nothing more important in war games than high quality sound... the immersion and realism goes sky high.
  21. LNCPapa

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    I think I'm with Ligar on this one - both audio and visual quality are important to me. Spending $200-300 on a pair of headphones really wouldn't phase me simply because sound is that important to me. I've spent that much before and did not regret the purchase at all, though it was several years ago. I don't see anything wrong with spending $100+ on headphones - if sound truly is a big deal.
  22. Ligar

    Ligar TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 50

    sO WHAT PAIR SHOULD I GET FOR £70 ?????????
  23. young&wild

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    Once again Ligar, I would like to clarify that I did not recommend the Audio Technicas on the basis of Audio Cubes' user rating but merely on the fact that I've read and heard good things about it from a couple of audiophiles. They have experience with the Audio Technica A500, Sennheiser PC150 and Plantropic Gamecom Pro 1.

    Honestly speaking, they prefer Audio Technica A500 over the rest anytime. This is because of the Audio Techica A500 has good sound for its price, a good sound stage for gaming. It is also comfortable for wearing and can isolate outside noise well which can be extra helpful if you want to use the phones for LANing. The other headphones dont block out external noises.

    I dont know who blindly came out with this statement that "A Real gaming headphones have a mic (Sennheiser PC150 are gaming ones with a mic)". To me this is an absolute bias. Generally, the audio quality out of the so called gaming headphones with mics are poor for the their price. Real good headphones dont have mic.

    The Zalmans, Sennheiser PC150 USB and Plantropic Gamecom Pro 1 are not worth the money. They are just overpriced headphones with cheap drivers.

    I really hope you can consider the Audio Technica ATH-A500.
  24. The Best Alias

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  25. Ligar

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