Best Internet Security Software?

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Feb 12, 2007
  1. Right, i have tired of ZoneAlarms constant little problems and i am just looking to find out what is the other options available in terms of Internet securtiy.

    What is the best software available?

    I'm thinking of installing Kaspersky Internet Security, but i have read mixed reviews.

    Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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    Define "Internet Security"? Do you want something to chew through every web page you visit and break every other one of them or do you just want a software firewall?

    /me is yet to see a web filtering solution that works..
  3. Jam_Master_K

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    Its just a firewall and software firewall that i am looking for really.

    I have BitDefender which is, in my opinion the best anti-virus available. And i am also running several anti-spyware programs too.

    Basically, i just want a program to stop people accessing my computer from my LAN, and also only allow certain programs to access the internet. Anybody have any suggestions?
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    layered Internet Security

    Internet security is like a multilayer cake -- you want several layers to make it effective.

    1. for hispeed users (cable/dsl broadband), always use a router between your
      modem and your system -- even if you only have one system. The NAT feature
      is a default psuedo firewall that stops direct access to your system(s)
    2. always run a firewall. Anything (even the freebe MS FW) is better than nothing at all.
      Controlling inbound traffic is maditory and controlling outbound traffic can assist
      you in protecting personal information.
    3. stop intrusive ActiveX components; disable ActiveX and/or use a tool like

    4. After the above is implemented, install an AV product and configure it to scan
      email. Last week alone my AVG7.5 caught 19 email virusus and quarantined all of them.
    5. Educate yourself (and your system users) on practicing safe email;
      open nothing not solicited by you or not from a known correspondant.
      If there are attachments, make sure they get scanned for virsus. Be very careful with *.exe files!
    6. P2P can be fun -- but deadly too. You expose your system to all kinds of
      access you can't see and therefore can't control either
    7. imo, IM is as bad or worse than P2P. Commercial IT departments shutdown
      IM to the external Internet for a reason -- it can be an uncontrolled
      backdoor your data too
    8. Lastly, HTTP (ie webpages) are just wonderful -- they bring the whole world
      into your living room -- including ActiveX, Java and Javascripts, Flash with
      unknown design elements and intent of the creators. Every URL you click
      is an invitation to "Send it to me!" -- the good, bad, and the ugly!
      CAVEAT EMPTOR applies to your web surfing too :knock:
  7. Jam_Master_K

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    That is a fantastic recommendation. I am delighted with it. Its exactly the type of program i was looking for.

    I had tried both Zone Alarm and Kaspersky, which were both much too system-heavy, and i also tried Lavasoft Personal Firewal which did not have the confidure options i needed.

    Comodo personal firewall is perfect for what i want to do. Thanks.
  8. Samstoned

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    comodo has a good forum for help
    I tried it ,but my system did not like it
    I run raid servers and 3 other boxs it did not work all the time
    1 machine it may be OK
    I like and have been a outpost man for long time
    fixed a small bug with upgrade and watch the config file works great
    last up time was 80 days no virus protect at all except my mail server
  9. Rage_3K_Moiz

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    The Kerio Sunbelt firewall is not bad too. I also like NOD32. It's the best AV I've ever used.
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