Best mobo for a new build?

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Apr 1, 2006
  1. what is the best mobo for a new build? I am looking for an SLI mobo soo I can hook up 2 7900 gt's plus RAID 2 Raptors. Looking for the most stable, last built had an ASUS and got the COLD BOOT bug on the board where it would take 7-8 minutes just to boot up. Any help and advice would be great thanks!
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    20 replies to this question will give you 20 different answers. I'm an ABIT fanboy so naturally I'd suggest them. ASUS makes good boards, yet you see a disproportional amount of posts by people with ASUS boards having problems. I think that is mainly due to user errors and not reflective of the board quality. ASUS does have a very extensive range of BIOS settings, and I think that's where most of the problem lay. I've personally come to the conclusion that when recommending a product to someone, the quality of the companies customer support is as important as the quality of the product.
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    very well said.. in that case, I will highly recommend the eVGA 133-K8-NF41 Motherboard** .. main reason, its got lifetime warranty by a company known for their top notch service =]

    **may be out of price range
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    would it matter if i put in an 1900 XTX with the abit sli motherboard? would it still be compatiable or no?
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    as long as the motherboard has a PCI express slot it is compatible. keep in mind that SLi is for nVidia.. if you put a 1900XTX in an SLi board, you wont be able to use a second 1900XTX. If you plan on using SLi, then you should buy an nVidia card. if you really like ATi and you just have to get that lovely X1900XTX, AND would like to have something simialr to SLi, then you should get a crossfire-ready motherboard.
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