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Jan 12, 2007
  1. I am planning to buy a new computer...for about 320$ only for the CPU. What are the best configurations I can have for 320$ ?
  2. nismo91

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    Are you going to buy a new PC with the monitor, keyboard, mouse and all peripheral devices? If yes, you really can't get good system cause cheap PSU for example won't last long. But if you do not wish to buy a monitor, keyboard, etc.

    But if you don;t buy the monitor and peripherals, instead you could get a better system around these:
    Pentium D 2.66
    512MB DDR2
    Intel 945G mobo or another cheaper
    80GB HDD
    standard PSU

    (assuming you're using US$ and buying in a cheap local store)

    First is to make sure your budget include or exclude the monitor, and peripherals so that the budget calculation will be more accurate.
  3. SNGX1275

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  4. saif

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    Thanks for all your replies...
    Currently, my computer has an Intel 845 AGP chipset, 32 MB ATi Rage 128 Pro graphics card, an 80 GB Seagate HD, 128 MB RAM. My Monitor and Hard drive are brand new and other peripherals are in good condition. I am planning to buy a new CPU. What hardware from my present CPU can be used in the new CPU? And also I wanted to know whether an upgrade of the CPU or a new CPU would be better. I dont want to buy a new monitor, speakers system, mouse, keyboard, and a hard drive. So what should be the cheapest and the best configurations for a CPU for around 320$ ?
  5. Grafficks

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    It sounds like you are wanting to get a new computer...

    Please, don't use "CPU" as an abbreviation for "Computer", it gets confusing very easily. Just type out the full "Computer" word, it's only a few letters more. Leave "CPU" to be defined as "Central Processing Unit".

    You cannot get a whole new (decent) computer for $320. An upgrade from your current PC would be logical.

    What aspects of computing are you looking for more performance in? If you plan to game, then a new graphics card would be desirable. The one thing you need to upgrade would be your RAM. Get at least 512MB of memory, that's pretty much the lowest standard nowadays. 1GB RAM would put you in a more comfortable position though.

    What processor do you have? You didn't mention that information.
    What motherboard do you have? The actual name of it would help, rather than just the chipset.
    A RAM upgrade is one of the most easiest ways to improve system performance/speed, and the improvement can get pretty noticeable. I would say that a memory upgrade to at least 512MB is in order.

    Other than that, there's not much aspects of your current PC that are worth the $320 to upgrade. You might as well save up some more money and build a decent new computer in the near future.
    It is unwise to listen to one person though. Wait for second opinions.

    Good luck.
  6. Mirob

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    You can! You need CPU, motherboard, RAM, and a video card. I can't be sure, but you may need a case and power supply too.

    These simple systems have micro ATX motherboards with on board video. The video is slow but much better than a rage 128. They don't need a real powerful power supply either.

    AMD rig:
    $133 AMD AM2 3800+ X2
    $ 75 Biostar Tforce6100-AM2 motherboard
    $ 96 2x512mb pqi DDR2 667
    $304 +shipping

    Intel rig:
    $136 Intel 3ghz Pentium D 925
    $ 76 Asus P5L-MX motherboard
    $ 96 2x512mb DDR2 667
    $308 +shipping

    I'd go with a $190 E6300 Core 2 Duo over any Pentium D (that motherboard will support it,) but it goes over your price limit.
  7. Goalie

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    Hi guys, I want a new box!! $400 or less!!!

    Really, we do need much much much more details about what you want to do, and what you're wanting part wise.
  8. saif

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    Thanks for the information...
    I am buying a new computer mainly for games and my present computer cant run games that were made after 2004. Which one would be better, the Intel or the AMD processor? Is the AMD processor 64-bit? And how much VRAM does each one of them have?
  9. RealBlackStuff

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    Has it occurred to you to use Google to find out specs of the items mentioned above?
    Take the finger out and do something yourself!
  10. Mirob

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    Both of those CPUs have 64 bit instructions. That doesn't matter until you start using a 64 bit OS anyway. 64 bit Windows has yet to prove any better than the regular 32 bit versions. Hopefully we will finally start to see some good 64 bit applications with Windows Vista.

    The video RAM with both of those is shared for the system RAM. You set the amount in the BIOS. I believe 64mb is default. The AMD is probably a little better at playing games. If you wan't to play new games faster than a slide show you need a PCI-E video card with either of those systems--then almost certainly a new power supply too.

    Are you in the United States? If not newegg prices are useless to you.
  11. saif

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    But 64MB VRAM is'nt enough for playing good games...And I stay in India. Dont you think the prices at newegg will be almost the same here? The prices might be a bit higher...
  12. nismo91

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    64MB is not enough depend on the games and the VGA card you have.
    I believe let say ATI Radeon 9800 64MB is still far better than Intel Integrated GMA 950 640MB (lol if available though). Try to spend US$100-200 to get good graphic card.
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