Best PCI EXPRESS Graphics card within $200??

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Oct 27, 2007
  1. Hey, im customizing my pc, ive got everything setup, but i cant seem to get proper advice on a good graphics card withing 200 bucks. ive got a p4 at 3 ghz, 2 gbs of ram and more than enough hd space. Any suggestions?? oh and pci for sure, dx 9 or 10 as well??
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    If $200 is your maximum Id say an 8600GTS. At least you can throw in a second card down the road and its a DX 10 card. But Ive seen 8800's for as low as $250 at Newegg.
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  5. i'd agree with sharkfood. i'm gonna get that badboy as soon as i have teh cash. for just 260 bucks maximum, that thing can deliver performance within 2-3 frames of the 8800 ultra. you'll be able to play crysis with lots of pretty things turned on with that thing. you will NOT be able to play it with an 8600 gt. i'll tell you that right now. save yourself future headaches. if you want to play the latest games, you'll need the latest hardware i'm sorry to say. shell out the extra bit of cash and you won't be sorry for a while to come.
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    Squeze out the extra money and get an eVGA e-GeForce 8800 GT. -Better and cheaper than a 8800 GTS. Slightly worse than the 8800 GTX.

    Either way the 8800 GT is the only card.
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    Don't buy any of the cards you can get right now for 200$

    They aren't worth the box they came in for 3D work/play
    As the others have said wait for the 8800GT, it's out now for around 250$ (but sold out most everywhere at day one because it's such a good deal)
    If you wait a few weeks the price should drop to 199$ (according to nVidia)
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