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Feb 15, 2005
  1. I've just purchased a new HP desktop computer with a descent video card, but I'd like one that's around $200 and can run games like Half Life 2, and Counter-Strike:Sorce with flowing graphics. This new computer doesn't have any AGP slots but does have a PCI Express slot and 3 PCI slots. Thanks for your help!
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  3. Hapless_Mindset

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    Thanks a lot this site is great :grinthumb
  4. BringinHeat

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    NO prob glad to help !!! :grinthumb
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    Actually right now if you're getting PCIe graphic hardware then go ahead and get Nvidia cards rather than ATI.

    It'll save you much crying later over technical problems. Currently for "Scalable Link Interface" hardware - AKA - "PCIexpress" in the consumer market, Nvidia is second to nobody which even included Intel <-- inventor of PCIe.

    ATI is somewhere at the bottom of "Scalable Link Interface" hardware charts, while Nvidia built better PCIe hardware than even Intel could.
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    FIRSTLY SLI is not AKA PCIe they are totally different things. PCIe is a VGA slot with twice the bandwidth of regular AGP 8x whereas SLI (scalable link interface) is the technology where you have two PCIe slots linked together supporting two PCIe VGAs running as one.

    Secondly INTEL DOES NOT MAKE VGA CARD FOR PCIe they only have the integrated video in the motherboard which by no means you can play games with, they are only the pioneers in PCI express motherboard technology and most mainstream computers (dell, SONY, HP) usually come with ATI x300se cards in them.

    What you say about nvidia being better because of SLI would be the common theory but if you take a look at the article that i linked above or below it has the performance of all the video cards including the ULTRA SLI configuration and according to the testers/benchmarkers in there they said that in some cases the ultra SLI configuration gets beats by the ATI x850 PE. Even though the ULTRA SLI configuration works really good in some games it is highly dependent on the forceware drivers and in some cases if the drivers for the game are not optimised it will give you only a minor gain over one card or sometimes no gain in performance over one ultra card at all. 6600 GT SLI gives you in most cases the same performance as one 6800 GT.
    PLus the HP desktop HAPLESS MINDSET has more than likely includes a stock intel motherboard with only one PCI express slot so considering that he will have to shell out $150-200 bucks on SLI motherboard plus pay for two video cards which at the least will cost him $400 ($199 for 6600GT) only for a gain that he may or may not get is not to smart. THis is the article i am referring to
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    PCIe is SLI (Scalable Linnk Interface), only ignorant tree stumps pretended to be experts don't know that.

    Secondly since you don't actually know anything from anything, THIS is a better link for you to read.
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    How much Money do you want to spend thjat should have been the first question asked. And second you should read up on some of the cards becuase you have the Nvidia users and the Ati users saying they have better cards. And then It is your prefrence to which company you have had experince with. :hotbounce
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    Nvidia made the very first Joe User's consumer hardware leveraging "Scalable Link Interface" back in early 2000 called the XBOX.

    It is what allowed the puny 700Mhz Intel Celeron in the XBOX to do Dolby Digital Encoding on the fly.

    5 years had gone by, who else other than Nvidia had created Dolby Digital Encoding on the fly hardware for Joe Users? Certainly for sure none of the Intel built hardware in the last 5 years.
  10. vnf4ultra

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    6600gt for ~200, x700 pro for ~175, 6600 for ~130.
  11. AtK SpAdE

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    For value

    I am a piss poor teenager, and i have a x700. I have always been an ATI guy. Yes i know, many of you will prob. dismiss my opinion, but for the good price you can beat the x700. Its no 6800 or x850 but it can hold its own.

  12. chewyfurball

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    To Hapless

    I would get the
    This card is tops in the mid range cards and is just as good
    as some of the $400-500 cards :wave:
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    I have the Asus Extreme n6800 Ultras (a $500.oo+ Card) The only reason I have them is i got a tech grant and had to spent the money or they would take it back. I went all out on the system and realy enjoy the cards; all though I am an ATI fan and realy would have preferred ATI for a top end card they have not let me down in anyway what so ever. but for a lower cost card my other computer has the ATI 128 All In Wounder 9800 Pro that will handle HL2 very will I have yet to run Doom 3 on it but HL2 is smooth and clean :bounce:

    Even though I would rather use ATI, I go with the numbers at the time I am building my computer and that was Nvidia this time, maybe my upgrades will be ATI.
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    I also am a big ATI fan thats all I have used, I have the 9700pro AIW I can run HL, and doom great, 2 of my friends have the xfx6600 gt, and they both love it, they kept telling me how great it was so I had to do some checking of my own,
    and so far that card can compete with the best of them and or better. Now I am refering to the XFX card which is OC'd. Engine clock is 500 MHz and the memory is 1200 MHz, not bad for a $200 card. :approve:
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    6600gt and that FINAL!!!
  16. escarvajal

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