Best PCI Wireless adapter? Opinions?

By Sharkfood
Aug 9, 2006
  1. Howdy gang,
    Where I'm at currently, I only have access to wireless and really struggling to find a good, stable, decent PCI Wireless network card!

    My laptop works great as it's using a built-in unit. The wireless here is pretty stellar too as it has 8 channels with signal strength anywhere from 80-100% (I'm sitting right next to the unit) on a 3 gig connection with next to no one using it.

    I tried a Linksys Wireless-G WMP45G V2.0 PCI adapter- but this thing was a nightmare. I've tried shuffling it and my Audigy (only 2 PCI cards in the system) to just about every combination of the 5 PCI slots.. and while it performed well, it would cause blue-screens/minidumps (varying from IRQL to PFM minidumps) randomly when dropping/reconnecting the wireless.

    It's a totally insecure wireless too so it's not a WEP or key issue..

    I've purchased a Netgear WG311T PCI Wireless and while the blue-screens/lockups are gone, it seems pretty slow.. very poor latency and throughput.

    If I could find HALF the performance and stability of my laptop's wireless, I'd be ecstatic.

    So, anyone have a preferred/opinion on a wireless PCI? I'd love to hear your favored unit. :)
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