Best thermal paste for g80 gpu :)

By Rab2140
Feb 15, 2008
  1. Hello all, i was wondering if anyone could give me the name for the best thermal paste to put on my nvidia 8800 gtx gpu i took off the cooler today and cleaned it and put titan nano blue thermal grease on it and to be honest it is rubbish 56 idle temp with 100 percent fan control so you see i want to replace it as quick as i can any ideas? also can i put the paste on the memory chips of the 8800 instead of thoose pads? cheers all ;)
  2. Matthew

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  3. Rab2140

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    ah im going to buy the as5 thermal paste with artic cleaner on monday i will post the difference ;) ty
  4. Matthew

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    :p Cool, good luck!
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