Best way to tranfer programs and files

By SenateKT
Jan 2, 2008
  1. I just got a new PC running windows vista and was wondering what is the best way to transfer all of my programs and files from my old XP based machine onto the new Vista machine. I basically want the setup of my current computer on my new PC, what is the easiest and most practical way to do this?
  2. Po`Girl

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    The best method will depend on your personal setup,

    but here are the basic steps -

    1.Copy the "Windows Easy Transfer"(WET) software from your Vista PC to your XP PC.

    2.Run WET on the XP PC. - follow the wizard instructions.

    3.Run WET on the Vista PC - follow the wizard.

    The main decision you have to make is,which transfer method.

    CD/DVD - USB - slow but straight forward

    External HD - requires you have External HD

    Easy Transfer Cable - Fast,easy,but it costs $50 - 60 HERE

    Via Network - both PCs have to be Networked

    Please be aware that you can`t transfer programs,just program data.

    You will have to install Vista versions of all your programs,onto the Vista PC.

    Further reading HERE and HERE
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