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Jan 7, 2007
  1. I have a dos data base stored on a windows server that needs to be accessable from remote locations. Currently, I've been struggling along with PC Anywhere v11 but i'd like a better solution.

    First, whatever replaces this has to update dos information quickly. Most remote systems don't pass on dos information quickly in my experience. For whatever reason PC anywhere v11 is pretty quick (v12 is not).

    Second, I'd like to allow multiple users to log into the same system at once if at all possible. Otherwise I'll need several computers just to allow them to log in at once.

    Third, I'd like users to be able to print to their printers (ie the printers hooked up to remote systems) as an option.

    Fourth, access restriction would be nice as I'd prefer if the remote users couldn't see the windows directory for example. Really, I just want them to be able to run a single program from a remote location... and that's it.

    What's my best option?
  2. Nodsu

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    Does the DOS database actually support multiple simultaneous users?

    Does the DOS client software actually have to run on the server machine? Maybe you could put it on the client machines?

    How about setting up VMware Server on the server machine and letting the clients run the virtual DOS machine from there?
  3. Karmashock

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    To your first question: Sorta... effectively you put most of the database program on the client machines and then tell the database program where to find the db on the server. There are multiple users but sometimes you'll get error messages if two people are accessing the same file at the same time. So it's not quite multi user... but it works about 95 percent of the time.

    To your second question, it probably needs to be run off of different machines to get multiple users working at the same time. The database so far as I understand it isn't an active program on the server so much as raw data that is manipulated by the various remotes.

    The problem with this Db is that you have to map a network drive for it to find the db on the remote system.

    So what I've got is about 10 machines with the db software on it and pcanywhere. Remote users log into those machines through pcanywhere, and then work with the db through those proxys.

    What I'd like is to have a max of two local machines... one file server and one host system... or even better a combo. Then have that system service as many as twenty remotes.

    Ideally I'd actually like them to log directly into the database. That is directly into a dos prompt. I don't want them to even see the desktop if that's at all possible.

    As to your suggestion... I'm very quick at picking things up and can typically absorb new systems in about a day... but I don't know what a VM server is... I know it means "virtual Machine" server... and assume it has something to do with emulation. Which sounds good... But could such a server handle many remote users?

    What type of hosting system would I use? I assume some kind of telnet or VNC... what would you recommend?
  4. Nodsu

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    Do you have money?

    In your situation, WIndows Server with Terminal Services enabled is the most foolproof solution. People would just use Remote Desktop to connect to the server - each user will get their own desktop that you can configure any way you like (make it so that only this one app starts up). I have no idea how good RDP is at displaying this DOS program across the network.

    You could set up a Linux server for free, running a DOS emulator or a virtual PC. Unlike Windows, Linux is a multi-user OS by definition and there is no problem with people sharing a single "desktop".

    And of course, VMware lets you set up a virtual DOS PC that every client can "boot" using their own machine.
  5. Karmashock

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    I have lots of money... but I value it as well... what is the best compromise between economy and performance?

    I'm a bit afraid of linux because I know very little about it though.
  6. Nodsu

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    The best compromise depeds on your specific situation, resources and knowledge :)

    Really, you have to make the decision yourself or invite someone on-site. Terminal Services runs for 30 days without licenses, so you can try it out no problem. You do need to have a Windows Server operating system installed of course.
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