Bethesda exec Pete Hines apologized to PS5 owners for Starfield's Xbox exclusivity


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Since I do game on both PC and PS, I'm not blinded by one or the other, so I do want MS to make some great new games, because competition is good. At the same time I don't want them to win, either.

My perfect scenario would be a fierce battle between great games from MS and Sony, but with Sony winning by at least a small degree (a few more games better than MS + more sales) in the end.

This scenario is good for everyone, because MS would be considered as being back in the fight, on an upward path and Sony would not be in real financial trouble either... but hey this is my wishful thinking, although for Sony's prediction this is based on the last 8 years of winning, so some truth is there to support it as being possible...
I really do think most Sony die hares have such a hard time accepting anything xbox does better BECAUSE they are absolutely terrified that if Sony doesn't stay ahead it will just mean Ms dominating to the point of the extinction of Sony game systems completely.

I don't care who "wins" as long as both has competition im good.

I still like how Ms treats us today vs Sony and I want Ms model to grow and become even more successful and hopefully force Sony to change in some ways but I absolutey don't want Sony to go anywhere.

I love having all my consoles and all the gaming opportunities each bring.... Sonys just cost me way more than I'm comfortable with and come with too many hoops.

I had to buy Spiderman 3 times total to get the chance to continue my save from my ps4 on the ps5 version.


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I had to buy Spiderman 3 times total to get the chance to continue my save from my ps4 on the ps5 version.
There is this thing that the very very big majority of this world's population is having less and less every day: it's called patience. A virtue that's on the brink of extinction.

And because of this extinction of patience, coupled with the brainwashing of consumerism, instant gratification and the "I want it NOW! / I want everything under the sun if possible!" - illness - although not recognized as one, again that vast majority are just a herd of cattle used to be milked of their $$$ by anything and everything that excite their senses and desires, even by a tiny bit.

That's why people buy the same game 3 times (or preorder or other stupid ****), instead of waiting 1 or 2 years to buy it at discount, with all the patches all the DLCs and on the best platform - that way not only paying much less, but having the best experience that game can offer in it's final form.

The same goes for "needing to have" the XSX now or PS5 now. Instead of waiting a couple of years for the revised/improved versions (Slim or Pro for PS5), that will be the best version of the generation.

You and those like you do not get to complain about these "beta tester" issues for games or consoles or anything actually, as long as you are in the "I want it NOW" category. You either accept the nature of your compulsion and the drawbacks of it and the fact that you are being used or you wait and reap the benefits of patience later, because you can't have both at the same time.

That's what you are for me, all of you, beta testers - a big herd of cows for the milking, and I've seen it so many times happening with, games, software, hardware, and many other products. I really could not care less how you (all of you) throw away your money, just don't complain about it.

My best friend is patience and I have only to gain by it. I don't miss absolutely anything if I didn't play Demon's Souls at launch (although is one of the games which I will buy the PS5 for), nor do I miss anything from not playing R&C RA now... It's just people brainwashed psyche and these "need" ideologies that so many were indoctrinated with in the last decades by all the media means that made people think that they need it NOW, when actually they don't.
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