Bethesda is publishing an Indiana Jones game under the Lucasfilm Games banner


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Something to look forward to: Whether you love or hate Bethesda, it was undeniably one of the darlings of the gaming industry prior to the disastrous launch of Fallout 76. In an effort to retake that crown, the company is publishing a game from a franchise that hasn't been explored in years: Indiana Jones.

You read that right -- one of Bethesda's next big releases is an all-new, wholly original Indiana Jones game. Coming just a day after Disney announced the revival of the Lucasfilm Games brand, this reveal couldn't have been timed any better.

The Lucasfilm Games logo will be slapped onto the game's branding, which proves that Disney is interested in pursuing ventures outside of the Star Wars universe alone -- a plus in our book.

The untitled game is being developed by MachineGames, the folks behind the excellent Wolfenstein franchise. Todd Howard, of Bethesda Game Studios fame, will serve as the executive producer on the project.

The game will be set in Rome, at the "height" of Indiana Jones' career as a "famed adventurer." There's no word yet on what type of game it will be, but Todd Howard's expertise certainly lies in first-person adventures, as does MachineGames', so we hope that trend continues here.

As for other details, we don't have anything we can share at this time. Both Disney and Bethesda are remaining tightlipped. However, more information may come surrounding this game (and, hopefully, others in the Bethesda catalog) at E3 2021; or whatever the equivalent will be in the era of Covid-19.

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Not enough to go on to know if I will be interested. Sounds like it could be a puzzle game though, maybe like Uncharted or Shadow Of The Tomb Raider...
And if it's open world, I won't know what to think (considering it's Bethesda) lol


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They'll gender-swap Indiana Jones and declare it the *first* video game to feature an empowered independent female archeologist in the leading role

Game journos will clap like the trained seals they are and shower it with accolades


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Ah excellent news! Travel to fascinating foreign countries, experience their culture, kill their citizens, desecrate their sacred sites, and rob them of their most prized antiquities... Good old Indy...

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"In celebration of Creation Engine's 10th anniversary, we present 'Indiana Jones and The Very Last Crusade, We Promise' using our decade old and neglected (except by the modding community) Creation Engine. When we say Jones will be battling bugs in this next game, we mean it."

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Square Enix admitted themselves, they failed horribly. I wouldn't spend a dollar on it.
It's always hard to take an entertainment franchise and try to shoehorn it into a video game because it wasn't originally meant to be a video game and some of the things just don't translate easily (super powers being one).

That's why the best game franchises like Tomb Raider, Far Cry, Elder Scrolls, The Witcher and Assassin's Creed started as games. When you're building the game with a game engine in mind, the engine's strengths and limitations help mold the mythos of the game itself and so it works really well.


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One of my favorites adventure games was Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, release on 1992.
Who here is from that time?