[Bf2] weird crash at logging to online account

By pyby
Jan 6, 2008
  1. Hello. My game crashes when trying to log in to the online account in Bf2 with 1.3 or 1.41 patch. Bf2 1.0.1 works fine (only 13 ranking servers), 1.22 works fine too, but there are no servers. I want to play BF2 with at least 1.3 patch.
    It was something like this :
    Ive bought BF2. My account works fine. I've installed 1.22 patch - my account also works fine - i can play etc.. (but they're no servers in fact..). Then i've installed 1.22 to 1.3 patch and the game quits when its trying to log in to my online account :( The same thing when installing 1.41 patch directly to BF2 1.0 .
    Local account works fine.

    greets, Marcin
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