BF2142 and pb

By tandaron
Sep 7, 2007
  1. well i have recentaly installed BF2142 and i up-dated the game to the latests version and got the lated pb. so i then logged on and selected a game server and went onto play then after its has loaded on the server after the first 5 or 10s i get this message appear:

    PB important: restriction: service communication failure: pnkbstra.exe

    then seconds later it takes me of the server. and this happens each time i go on any server i thougth it could of been my fire wall so i allowed all the ports that was down in the manual for BF2142. and it still happens i really don't have a clue why its keeps happening anyone got a clue why this happens, any help would be really helpfull
  2. tandaron

    tandaron TS Rookie Topic Starter

    don't worry about posting i sorted out what the prob was thx any way for the help :)
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