BFG 6800GT OC - Format Before Or After Installation??

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I got a BFG 6800GT OC 256MB (from BestBuy) for Christmas and I've been wanting to format my computer. Is it better to install the card and then format, or format and then install the card?

Also, should I install XP SP 2 before or after I install the card?

And is it a good idea after installation of the card to go ahead and update to the latest drivers for it?

Current Video Card:
MX440 64mb
Came with my Sony Vaio RX881.

Also, I'm having to install a new Power Supply for my new card, does it matter when I install it? Like before or after format? I assume it doesn't matter, but I want to be sure.



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It shouldn't make any difference whether you install the card before or after, just make sure that you have your previous video drivers uninstalled before you boot up with the new card to avoid problems. Personally, I think SP2 is sh1t, only updates that were made were for security, and if you have a firewall and/or antivirus, there isn't really any point to go with SP2.

Same goes for the PSU, so long as your current one has sufficient power for all of your components including the 6800 GT (350W should be adequate). Since all PSU's are pretty much the same, you will be fine with whatever you decide to do. Hope your format goes well for you and that you enjoy your new video card (got the same one :grinthumb).
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