Bfg Geforce6200 Oc Pci

Oct 10, 2007
  1. anyone out ther have the 6200oc and having problems? well i bought the card a year ago,was fine for a month and then took a ****. that one i just took back to best buy. no problem. it ran "ok"(a little quirky at times) for almost a year now. so i'm all stoked and got my hl2e2 preloaded on steam;i ready to freakin go!and then what?! thecard decided to take a **** while i was tuning up my skills hl2(riot act mod). boy!!!!!!!!!!!i'm hot now. so they said that the memory was shot on it and that if i called tomorrow they'll send me another. i hope they heard of the "RED EYE" shipping option. that's what i get for having a dell with only pci slots in it anyhow. i had it coming to. what an ******* i am! yes,u all can agree now. guess i gotta go bestbuy "rental" tomorrow n pic up another.PEEEEEEEEEEEACE out!:grinthumb
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