BFG Tech 5500FX Review

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I think that the 5500FX from BFG Tech, is a pretty good deal. Pre overclocked 20mhz over, even though this isn’t needed, it gives you a little extra performance, without breaking the warranty. I overclocked my card another 25mhz, and 86mhz on the memory. I havent had any shut downs, malfunctions, or artifacts. The fan on this card seems to have a decent quality, requires no external power connector. The only downside to the installation of this card, is that no 5500FX driver is supplied on the driver CD, just download it from NVIDIA. This is an anti-low profile card, it is pretty big, almost as wide as the PCI bracket.

Now to the game performance, and benchmarks, my test setup is below,
Celeron D 335 2.8GHZ
768MB DDR-400 (512+256)
80GB 7200RPM HD
17” CRT Monitor Max Res is 1024x768
BFG 5500FX 295/486 Overclocked

I used 1 game, Counter Strike Source, to benchmark, and one benchmarking program, Aquamark3.

The game performance was good, all resolutions were playable, but note, everything is on low, and no AF or AA. Counter Strike: Source performance is below.

Aquamark3 performance was pretty bad. It went above 30fps only once. But Aquamark3 uses 4xAF, and 1024x768 resolution. So, it would have been playable maybe in a lower resolution.

Overall, this is a mid range PCI card, costing around 60$, it is not that bad of a deal, if you can settle for lower resolutions. Do not buy this card if you dont plan to overclock it. Performance is horrible without overclocking. I would recommend this card to people stuck with PCI slots, and arent looking to buy Windows again, or a new motherboard. A better option to this card would be a 6200, or the new X1300PCI, which i now own :).
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