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Julio Franco

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We missed this bit of news several days ago however given people's continued interest in Gmail accounts I thought it was still worth a post. Google's Gmail service which remains on beta (and invitation only) has captured a lot of attention after it was confirmed that it will provide 1GB of storage space.

As our forum member Rick pointed out earlier today, beta invitiations are going fast and continue to be sold on eBay in some cases, while the typical going rate is about $30-40 USD, some have sold for as much as $200.

Any of you got your account yet? I was lucky enough to get (thanks to buddy Andres) "juliofranco@..." already, the service is nice and fast, as one should expect from the search giant.


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Hey is that me? thanks Julio!...

Yeah, gmail is pretty fast and the GUI is also very well designed. If you haven't noticed, or the visitors I guess, I posted the GUI at the gallery as well.


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Yeah, I'd like to get one too. I do not see any contact info there for those interested, so I guess they must have all the tester they need.

I signed up for the Gmail updates newsletter, hoping I can get some contact info from that and maybe see if I can jump in and get to beta test this thing myself. It is only a mail service when you think about it, but the truth is google has been such a big help for researching and diagnosing problems at home and at work(specially google groups) that it is only fair I help with something.


i too want a gmail, account

i too want a gmail account...

could some one help me out...?

ragesh menon


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I got one invite right off...

I've not gotten another one.

I'm thinkign the beta is about through, and they may be going live as early as September.


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Originally posted by Goalie
I got one invite right off...

I've not gotten another one.

Same here, I got one within a week of signing up, and expected more, but I haven't seen them. I guess that's over with, it's been over two months now.


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I think it works so that the more you use it the more invitations you'll get. But I'm not 100% sure. If I remember correctly, I had three in April, I used it a bit, got some more, invited three people, now I have five left. And no, I don't feel like inviting TS newcomers :p


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Rick gave me one. He's my hero. :) Mic, that is fine, although I am not just any newcomer. I have been here awhile I just don't get to post as much as I would like. I do work full time, go to school full time, have an 8, 7, 5 year old and a 2 month old baby as well as two step kids ages 5 and 3. I jsut bought a house and am busy installing sprinklers and this weekend sod. So as you can see, I am kinda busy. :)

Anyway, I also help out with the techspot distributed computing effort. Just check out the seti records. I am d_broncofan there. :)
gmail invite

I'd love to receive a gmail invite, I'm only allowed 3mb file transfers, i understand that the gmail allows 100mb files is that true???

Please If anyone can spare 1 invite that'd be fact here is a cool joke for it...

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