Big Cpu Problem Please Help

By billybobjoe
Aug 3, 2005
  1. i was just starting up my computer and i hear loud noises from my harddrive or my cpu cant tell which and everything is running kind of slow so i openend up task manager and saw instead of the usual green bars for the cpu usage it was red bars

    i heard in other forums that if you turned off page file it would make things run faster and it hasnedt so i turned it back on and i noticed battlefield 2 is running alot slower then it used to and the picture is jumping around a lot and was wondering if what i did with page file is the cause for the jumping around in battlefield 2 and and the red bars in the cpu usage instead of the green ones

    if you could help me i would appreciate it
  2. zephead

    zephead TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,569

    the red bars you see in task manager are indications of the kernel times, as you apparently have said option checked. almost always when a hard drive makes 'loud noises' (generally described as clicking, grinding) it is an indications that the drives has suffered from a mechanical failure and has to be replaced. i think the best next step is to aceratin where exactly the sound is coming from (and i'd doublecheck the cpu fan to be sure).

    when fan makes more noise than usual, it is usually because ther eis something wrong with that fan, and the fan has slowed or stopped. if this happens to a fan on your cpu or gpu, for example, the component will run hotter. this heat reduces the effectiveness of the silicon semiconductors and will result in lower performance, possibly a system crash or lockup, and worst of all hardware damage.

    fans you should take extra care to check are those found on: the psu, cpu, gpu, northbridge (if present), harddrive (if present), and side panel of back panel. i reccomend opening the case and running the system with all case-mounted back, side, and front panel fans disconnected, thus easing your search of an offending part.
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