Big freaking problem =[ Please help Comp Freezing/Crashing

By BroodsteR
Feb 16, 2005
  1. The problem :
    When I play direct x games my comp will either crash or freeze.
    Games I've tested:

    Warcraft III - Crashing
    NBA Live 2005 - Can't even finish one damn game, freezes my whole comp, needa hit my restart button
    CS:Source - Havn't experienced much problems but sometimes game won't load up.

    My computer specs
    Motherboard : GIGABYTE K8 Trinton Series nForce 3
    CPU : Athlon AMD64 3000+ (not over clocked)
    RAM : 2 512mb Kingstons @400mhz (non dual channel)
    VGA : ATI Radeon 9550 Extreme (Manufacturer: Grandmars)
    Soundcard : Onboard
    Network : Onboard
    Others: Firewire Card (recently installed, possible link to my problem)

    What I've tried:
    It can't be my hardware issues, because all my hardware seems fine. Well nothing started happening since I installed my Firewire card but I don't see how it can be causing the problems unless anyone can give me ideas. So I formatted my computer because i got tired of trouble shooting, and.... installed NBA Live 2005, tried to play, FREEZE, same problem =[

    So now im pissed off because i spent 5 hours backing up all my data which didnt even fix the problem.

    Can someone please give me some sort of idea on how to fix this?
  2. BroodsteR

    BroodsteR TS Rookie Topic Starter

    and guess what... I took the Firewirecard out, poof goes the problem played nba live 2005 for over 2 hours. No problems =D Damn u firewire!!! Why'd i buy you anyways [edit] actually im still getting the problem now. Could it be my ram? Sometimes when i start my comp it stalls before it tests my memory
  3. BroodsteR

    BroodsteR TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Could someone please help me?
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