Big trouble with networking gonna throw it out the window

By Tom32
Nov 1, 2006
  1. Ok i have 2 computers a dell deminsion 2100 and 3100.I am trying to use a wireless router to connect both to the internet. I started by installing the router to the 3100 with cable to the router.Then i installed a wireless card in the 2100.The router i am using is a belkin wireless g router 2.4ghz-802.11g. The card is a wireless g desktop card. Ok here's the skinny. I got all the hardware installed i had the wireless card were it would see the router first BUT it couldn't connect to the net (I have dsl through embarq). Then i hooked it to the 3100 with a cable (it's got 4 ports on the back for cable output)and it worked but when that happened my wireless card lost the router.(I'm thinkin ...huh.). So i call tech support and they said that the router switched the wireless thingy in the router off when i did that. So right now i have 2 computers on that router through cables and it's workin but the wireless won't work. also tech supp. said that i had to get online to change the settings in the router so i thought WHAAAAA!!!. Wrong when i tryed the website it was supposed to be a belkin web site but it was the site to set up my dsl the way the site thry gave me was "".

    Thanks for listening and if anybody could help i would be very ecstatic
  2. N3051M

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    First off, go to Belkin's (not your router) website and download the latest firmware update and install it.

    And then, check hardware:
    -Connect 1 PC to the DSL modem directly using the ethernet cable. Take all the phones and extensions (faxes, TAD etc) off the wall plugs if possible. See if you can connect to the internet, say google etc.
    -If the above successful, add the phones etc back on, don't forget to use the adsl splitter as well. Check for stability again.
    -Now add the router. Use the reset button first so everything's back in default and only connect the router to the PC via the cable only (for now). Configure your PC to either automatically receive IP addresses or set it to or something. You can change the IP settings on your PC via the Network Connections and right clicking the LAN connections>Properties
    -If the cable PC is ok, now we configure the wifi aspect. Go to the router's config page ( in internet explorer or your browser and navigate to the Wireless settings. Set a name for it and leave it unsecured for now. With the PC thats wireless, connect to it.

    Basicaly what i'm getting you to do is start from the minimum setup then work your way up when its OK, adding devices untill you find the fault. Post if you get stuck on any of the steps.

    Next, have a read of this, it should help you a bit in trying to find out where the problem lies: basic networking. Post the relevant info here.
  3. Tom32

    Tom32 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Ok got all that now when i type the addy for the routers config page it will not bring it up i get "page cannot be displayed"
  4. RealBlackStuff

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    Belkins manual says
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