Biggest Rivalries in Computing History


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Where is "Sony vs The World?" They've created more proprietary standards than Apple, all of which failed until they spent half the company's war chest buying out regulators and big retail chains to insure the inferior Blu-Ray beat out HD-DVD.


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I don't like tyrants, I dont like top dogs. I always try to support the underdog as long as the underdog offers a decent product at a reasonable price point
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Forgetting the once mighty 3Dfx versus Nvidia battle is beyond unacceptable. Where would 3D rendering be today if not for the once mighty Voodoo? We'd still have it, of course, but maybe nowhere near as far along as we are if it wasn't for those two gaming graphics titans duking it out.
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Since Techspot just published a nostalgia article about Compaq, I was instantly reminded of Compaq vs. Dell in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Dell never missed a single opportunity to throw jabs at Compaq in their advertisements.

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something like AMD Celeron and Intel Athlon. I can't stop laughing now. why have you explained it to me?
Celeron and Athlon? Come on, it's AMD Pentium vs Intel Athlon! Intel's answer to the AMD Celeron was the Intel Sempron ! :p

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Whether it's Intel vs. AMD or AMD vs. Nvidia, I don't really consider either to be a true "rivalry" because you have a clear dominating power. INTEL and NVIDIA are laughing at AMD/ATI. They have no choice but to go low while Intel and NVIDIA go high. The Intel + Nvidia computer solutions are the absolute best on the market and command a higher price.
What reality do you live in? You're aware that it's 2020, not 2015, right?
Yes, I'm sure that Intel are just tickled pink, especially by things like this:

And since you obviously don't pay attention very well, I should tell you that RDNA2 is shaping up to make nVidia look pretty stupid. The way nVidia scrambled like mice and rushed their RTX 3080/3090 launch tells me that nVidia isn't laughing either.

Welcome to the new normal.
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If you actually research, Apple dod not Steal from Xerox PARC. They made a share trade for using the concepts and access to the in house developers.
Did they invent the concept? no. Did they steal it? NO.
Gates however did by stealth copy the idea from access to a developers Mac which was given to MS for application development. With an expired NDA, MS released windows... Yes I'm sure MS weren't developing it while working on the Mac.. lol
Look it up.

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The haters here sure have fun imaginations. What's the point of defining yourself by what you hate? That seems to be a depressing way to interact with the world.
It depends, I hate Intel and nVidia and while I may not enjoy hating them, their actions over the years have left me no choice. I have ethics and they don't. It's a part of being human and an important part at that.


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Since this thread is still alive; figured I come back and fanboye a bit. ;)
AMD is top desktop dog now. Apple is moving to ARM.
how times change. But as a fan I stand by my Sega theory!
without Sega pushing theMega/Sega CD and NEC with their disc based gaming; we wouldn’t have had Nintendo and Sony working on what became Sony’s PlayStation platform. CDI and 3D0 had little impact on anything.
the 32-x and NeoGeo dragged the industry forward. Kicking and screaming.
the Saturn proved multi threading and multi processing was doable. It took till the PlayStation2/Xbox 360 era to see games match the best of the Saturn across the board.

today the general consumer is no longer worried about AMD vs Intel or Nvidia Vs AMD. Everything has matched levels generally on par with each other.
The OS landscape now generally co-exists. Games are still problematic but with wine and parallels other stuff just works. C variants, python, rust, JavaScript... everything that can be portable generally is made to be so.
30 years ago nobody would believe Microsoft would include Linux functionality in windows.
While not Apple itself,BSD is now transparent with MacOS (pre arm anyway). Load a library pack and install away.
we’re in Exciting times not unlike the early 80s and late 70s.