BIOS Flashing

By BraSah
Feb 26, 2005
  1. Can you flash the bios on a MSI KT3Ultra MB without a floppy drive? I am using the MSI updater and have the new bios version ready but it says i need a floppy drive . The MB is not capable of a floppy drive to the broken pins on connector on Mb
  2. Mictlantecuhtli

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    It depends on the flashing program.

    I use real DOS mode flashing programs, I save the bios file to fat16/32 partition on a hard disk, then boot with a Win98 bootable CD to command line and flash from there.

    A bootable USB memory stick could work too, if mainboard supports it.
  3. luvhuffer

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    You can flash your BIOS from Windows with the MSI LIVE UPDATE 3 Program. You can find the download for the program here:

    Then when you are ready, go here for instructions on how to use the program to flash a new BIOS:

    A bit of advice if they don't mention it. When you are done flashing the new BIOS, shut down your computer and unplug it. Use the jumper to clear the CMOS (or remove the battery for 60 seconds). Then plug it back in go into the BIOS and reset all your settings. Or you can look in the users guide for how to set fail safe or optimal defaults. Also check the date in the Standard CMOS Features window. Sometimes flashing a BIOS will reset the date to the BIOS version release date. Good luck.
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