Bios forcing ATA-33 when it should be ATA-100

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Aug 2, 2007
  1. All right I finally got a motherboard that will let me play games and is quite stable. About two hours after I got it I went browsing around in device manager to see what all new drivers it installed. It made my hard drive work on UDMA mode 2, while it made my DVD-RW work on UDMA mode 4 like it should. My hard drive is ATA-100 (udma mode 5) but it won't change and their is no option in the bios to change it. I did a benchmark with PC Wizard 2006 and it indeed is running at ATA-33 speeds expect for buffered read which was 2x what a SATA-300 gets. This is bizarre if anybody has any suggestions, thx.
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    Do you have the HDD set as the master? I'm assuming IDE here since you mentioned the DVD drive.
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    Reinstall the IDE controller (primary/secondary, whatever its on) from device manager, and reboot, reboot again. That may fix it up from Window's end..

    this trick usually works when my PC switches my hdd's transfer rate to PIO mode, so i assume it may work for your situation..
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    I tried to uninstall the IDE driver but it didn't fix anything, same goes for the udma controller, I also set the hard drive to master. I putting a picture showing the drivers, maybe I'm doing something wrong.
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    I fixed the problem it turned out that the IDE cable that came with my new motherboard was ata33/66 only.

    Why in the world would foxconn spend the money on putting onboard 1394 and Gigalan then put a inferior ata cable with it, weird.
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    They put that cable for IDE CD-ROM/DVD-ROM/CD-RW/DVD-RW drives as they don't need more. Most people use SATA hard drives now so the chances that they would use that cable for their hard drives are slim.
  7. Stick'o ram

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    That would explain why they sent two 7" long sata cables and a splitter that turned one molex connecter into two sata power connectors.
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