BIOS Issues- what did i do THIS time?

By dbkate
Jul 5, 2007
  1. Hello gang,

    I have used TechSpot for a couple of years and ALWAYS find exactly my newest pc issue answers right away. This time i have clicked a little too quickly (messing with the bios setup) and have no clue what i did and NEED to do to fix my mistake! I know just enough to cause problems for myself, so any assistance is greatly appreciated!

    Issue: Some dummy tried to reinstall the CD Writer that she knew had issues and of course i changed the settings in the BIOS after the physical install. I found that there is still something wrong with the setup, after installing the "on hand" Nero software, and decided to just go inside my box and disconnect the stupid writer drive. THAT is all i did.. initially! Then when restarting my pc after unplugging the drive, i am getting a "BEEP" at bootup and it appeared to DEMAND that i go back into the BIOS. Long story short, i changed settings regarding boot up drives and restarted again, then went BACK into the BIOS and clicked to Load Default Settings. Now when i restarted it went through the standard memory check, blah blah blah and then to a screen that says: ULTRA 100 BIOS Version... Detecting:... "Ultra 100 Bios Version not installed because there are no drives detected". Windows loads (XP-SP2), but is obiviously hanging.
    I know this likely makes little sense but i am not sure how else to post what is in my brain. What did i do in the BIOS and can i reset everything back to PRE-Kate modes? I promise NOT to mess with things again if anyone can help me lol.
  2. dbkate

    dbkate TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I am editing here: I am in the setup again, not touching anything! but i noticed that when some dummy clicked to reset everything to default config, the BOOT SEQUENCE is really different now.
    1. Removable Device [Legacy Floppy]
    2. IDE Hard Drive [ST320420A] which is my primary HD
    3. ATAPI CD-ROM [ blank ] when extended, the only option here is "Disabled"
    4. Other Boot Device [INT18 Device (Network)

    It appears that i may have disabled the CD-Rom instead of the CD-RW drive according to these settings. I will recheck the cables, pinning, etc and come back here. I have 2 (20GB) hard drives, floppy drive and cdrom. Originally there was an Omega Zip drive as well and i have had that out for over a year. The cd-writer reinstall is what i attempted that messed this all up in the first place and it seems i reset the resets of the resets in my BIOS. Good Grief!
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