BIOS. nothing loads

By seal319
Aug 23, 2006
  1. I had recently found out one of my RAM sticks went bad i was using 2x 256 ram sticks my system is fairly old but it can still kick for what i need it to do surprisingly i game with it. I swaped out some RAM sticks and booted up several times to test the sticks with some software and i found my bad ones and removed them. MY pci slot is a bit screwey sometimes and requires me to reseat the vid card once in a while when i remove it to blow out some dust that's common and i have always been able to fix with a reaseating.

    I go to boot off some RAM sticks with already known bad sectors just to experiment and see what would happen, my BIOS stopped loading, i said forget about it and put in the good stick. I pop in the good stick, i even tried a boot disk to fire it up and it totally skips everything and my monitor remains black with a blinking light signaling that nothing is being transmitted to it, and still BIOS won't load, any ideas?
  2. TypeX45

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    Try resetting the bios
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