Bios Password Hp Omnibook 900

By laubet
Jan 3, 2007
  1. Hello,
    a friend of mine give me an LAPTOP HP OMNIBOOK 900 but the hard drive was Out.I bought a new one and install windows XP on.But i can't use it because there's a BIOS Password that i don'tKnoW.
    How can i reset this Password (On this computer, there is no CD, no Diskette).

    Can anyone help me ? thanks a lot
  2. laubet

    laubet TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I Found EEPROM 28SF040 120-4C-NH, I think password is store inside.Can you tell me how reset ?
  3. t-tek

    t-tek TS Rookie

    your ****ed man you cant crack that unless u redo the bios with a cd that does that
  4. UnleashedOnline

    UnleashedOnline TS Rookie


    No you're not...Omnibook 900 - eeprom AT24c164, 0x6D-0x7F area, unknown algorithm...put a 00 at 0x7F to clear admin password...should remove the password, and let u into bios

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