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By macca350
Aug 7, 2007
  1. Hello everyone, i have a dell c640 that i purchaced on craigslist. Whenever i turn on the computer it ask for the bios password ( already tried taking out the battery ) doesnt work. I need some help with this nightmare
    Dell c640
    Sevice Tag #HVTCX11
  2. Traud

    Traud TS Rookie

    you can short epp or read epp ou try master pw 41546GNU
  3. noahsdad

    noahsdad TS Rookie

    in he same boat... Help

    Hi I have poured through many of the suggestions and or solutions to the dell authentification problem.. My laptop was aquired after being disgarded at the dump two of them actually. I have no use for them but it seemed like a challenge to try and bypass this authentification system. moreover i decided to give the laptops to my son and his grandfather as they can make good use of them. well I have tried to jump the cute little chip using the paperclip method but unfortunitely after about a hundred tries I have given up. I guess either using them as paperweights or asking all of you are my only remaining options... I really enjoyed the challege so far but Im thinking strongly about using a hammer to fix the problem... any assistance you may offer would be great.
    have tried latitude,exe
    shorting method
    pulling out my hair... oh and paragons site too Thanks!

    Thank You in advance! Noahsdad

    Dell 640

    Service Tag #1 reads : 3y1nm0j -595b
    express service code : 85-889-782-27

    Service Tag #2 reads : fy1nm0j-595b
    express service code : 347-103-662-59

    Noah is only 8 but i tell you he just might figure this out before me... Thanks Again!
  4. manwindergill

    manwindergill TS Rookie

    i have dell C840 , please give me advice how can i retrive congif setup password.
    service tag #d6w7s11-595B
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