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Oct 18, 2006
  1. i have windows 2000 and just reformat my computer and reinstalled a fresh copy of 2K on my computer because of a Trojan Virus

    In Order to go online and download the new drivers I have to install my 56k modem because there is NO cable, nor dsl available in this area.

    I just installed my 56k modem and or course i have to restart the computer in order for the modem to work and go online.

    Right before the welcome screen comes on i get a blue page saying the following

    *** STOP: 0x000000A5 (0x00010003, 0x85E70610,0x00000008,0x85E8B330)
    The ACPI BIOS in this system is not fully commpliant with the ACPI speficiation. Please read the READ .TXT for possible workarounds. You can also contact your system's manufacturer for an updated BIOS, or visit to see if a new BIOS is available.

    The BIOS in this system is not fully ACPI compliant. Please contact your system vendor or visit for an updated BIOS. If you are unable to obtain an updated BIOS or the latest BIOS supplied by your vendor is not ACPI compliant, you can turn off ACPI mode during text mode setup. To do this, simply press the F7 key when you are prompted to install storage drivers. The system will not notify you that the F7 key was [ressed - it will silently disable ACPI and allow you to continue your installation.

    I have reinstalled windows 4 times now and this same blue page comes on after I install the drivers for the 56k modem....what do i do? I know there are instructions on the screen however, I have no idea what the blue screen is talking about.... PLEASE HELP!!
  2. rjm374

    rjm374 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    what is the ACPI?
    How do I update the BIOS?
    WHat is text mode setup?
    how do I install storage drivers?
  3. Rik

    Rik Banned Posts: 3,814

    ACPI is Advanced Configuration Power Interface, if you go into your bios there should be an option to turn it off, give it a try!!!!
  4. tweaks_sav

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    You *may* be looking at a bad motherboard. Check for any capacitors that look "fat" or have leaked. Never hurts to try a memory test (Memtest86+) or a hard drive test (DFT v4.08)
    You can try to update the BIOS but I doubt it will help. To update it, you must first find out the manufacure of it. Is the PC a Dell, HP, custom build? For a tier one (Dell, etc) you can goto the main website ( look for a "Drivers Download" link. You'll have to enter the model of the PC, and it will list any driver and BIOS updates. Be carseful with BIOS updates, a wrong or interrupted BIOS will make the PC a paperweight.
    How old is the PC? What about trying Ubutunu or WinXP?
    More info here:
  5. rjm374

    rjm374 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    the PC is about 6 years old..if I go into the BIOS where can I find the ACPI and turn it off?
  6. rjm374

    rjm374 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    also how do you perform a memory test(Memtest86+) or a hard drive test?(DFT v4.08)
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