Bios-Registry-Pass Recovery

By Tribal-Phoenix
Apr 5, 2005
  1. hi ppl i have a coupla questions for soft pro's, k , i would like to make an emegency floppy disk to recover passes for win xp, one way is to make own app and run it in bios then edit registry and change the pass or the easier way , there is such program called Norton Ghost what u have to do is install it on your pc make a backup then save it and make a recovery floppy disk , then in case if your windows crashes u can restore all your backed up files very fast, in like 10 gb in 1 min, so the easy way would be to, for ex create a user named "test" with blank pass then back it up and save it, now comes the hard part of this , u have to edit the backup file , probably in hex ,so u have to delete all the strings just leave the registry key that has the "test" username with blank pass that would probably weight about 1 mb max, so then all u gotta do is insert floppy reboot and u have acces to the system , so if any of u guyz can help with editing the backup file and making this beautiful pass cracking thing come true plz email
  2. poertner_1274

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    Well I can be very honest with you right now, that since it sounds to me like you are trying to do this to break into others systems, you won't be getting very much help here.
  3. Tribal-Phoenix

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    Well thanks for being honest, does anyone know where registry is located like u know that i cann access it from run\regedit , but is it liek an actual folder ?
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