BIOS Repair - How is it done ?

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Feb 25, 2004
  1. I have determined by talking to tech support at HP that my BIOS is in fact corrupt. I cannot repair it since the computer will not boot up. They have told me to bring it in to the nearest service location. I am wondering if anyone knows how they go abouot replacing or repairing the BIOS ?
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    Well, first you need to figure out what BIOS you have.

    Then, usually, you need to replace the BIOS chip with the proper chip. If your computer is HP, then you are probably better off taking it to HP.

    May I ask why you both think the BIOS is corrupted?
  3. acidosmosis

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    Ask them to take a look and verify that it is in fact a BIOS problem and if so RMA the motherboard. There won't be anything they can actually do themselves to repair that, if that is the case.

    Considering that a local repair shop will probably charge you over $65, I would just go ahead and send the motherboard to HP. Call and ask about how to RMA the system.
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    The only other alternative would be to perform a BIOS hot-swap and reflash it. But this can be dangerous, and would probably require another identical chip anyway.
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    If Woody had gone straight to the police, none of this would ever have happened...
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