Bios update, I'm not too savvy on this

By smeagle
Oct 2, 2007
  1. I am about too get a new mobo Evga 680i and want too update too the latest bio right away this beeing such a new board. is this a good idea? also i have all sata drives and i have read that sata can have problems on this platform. never been real comfortable updatin bio's. havent fried a chip yet but have a friend who has,(deep fried MOBO)Any suggestion on the best way. I have the latest version burnt on a cd. Thanks for any advice.
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    Well if it isn't giving you problems there is no need to update. But if you want to update, the Windows based updaters are pretty solid now so you'd be safe doing that. Its just lots easier than doing it with a bootdisk.
  3. Cinders

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    From the EVGA website:

    CD Method (Blank CD and CD Rewritable Drive Required)
    Download the following .iso file: NF68_P30.iso
    Use a CD Burning software to burn the .iso image onto a blank CD (Nero, Alochol 120%, etc)
    Restart machine, and set the CD Drive as the primary boot device
    The BIOS flash process will begin, Press “Y” to program BIOS
    After flash remove the CD, power off PC Completely
    Turn on the PC and load defaults in BIOS

    Sounds pretty easy to me and the BIOS seems to solve a bunch of problems.
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