BIOS updating and programming

By freakuency
Oct 29, 2006
  1. heh! little unsure of where to place this, so if its in the wrong place then feel free to mod me over!

    I have an hewlett packard omnibook xe3 (gc) p3 700mhz that is currently running with a 10gb drive.

    Ive acquired an 80gb to drop into it, but its having issues!

    Now through my research ive managed to track down that i need to update my bios (pheonix v4.00 rev6.00 (pretty standard) and im specifically running v1.63 (gc.m1.63)

    Now i need a version that has the support for large hard disks.

    i did read that there is a 2.01 version, but im having immense trouble finding it. The newest version i can find on the hp site is the 1.63, which i did anyway, caused no issues (well, it changed my boot screen picture to a much nicer hp invents, but that was it!)

    So... i guess my question is; how do i enable hard disk support for my 80gb drive, or does anyone know of a newer bios version that i can update to?

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