Bit Tornado Keeps Freezing. Help!!!!!

By Spike ยท 5 replies
Feb 20, 2006
  1. As a preliminary and educated guess, try browsing to ...

    C:\Documents and Settings\{your XP account name}\Application Data\.BitTornado

    and deleting all files and folders you see there. You might like to copy the config.gui.inf file first to another folder, as this contains your settings. You should also backup any torrent files stored in the folders there that you might like to keep.


    1,delete those files and copy your settings file back there, and see if you still have the problem by simply starting the application and seeing if it works.

    2, if it still freezes, delete it all again, including the settings file (you don't have to delete any backup you make though), and see if it works without freezing now.

    Please let us know either way.
  2. Hamster1978

    Hamster1978 TS Rookie

    Hi All

    Ive been using bit tornado now for a while and everything has been going fine. but just recently during downloads it has started freezing up during the download process. Any ideas on how to fix this problem and any ideas why it happens

    Thanks for he help
  3. eternalkp

    eternalkp TS Rookie

    i just format my computer with a fresh copy of XP professional.
    NOD32 2.7 antivirus protection.
    i have the same problem. i download that tv show 24 in 720p. a 45min show file size is 1.07gb...from
    after 20min into the download, i notices the bittornado uses up a lot of cpu (2 windows of BT uses upto 100% of my cpu...AMD fx60) power and begin to freeze.
    i uninstall bit tornado and reinstall it again...still...same problem. please help.
    i never had this problem before with this same computer.
  4. VTech

    VTech TS Rookie

    I dont know why but NOD is the problem, i always used bittornado and recently installed NOD32 and now it freeze as soon the speed go up, reformat without NOD, works perfectly.
  5. wind

    wind TS Rookie

    all you have to is open the imon tab then click set up ,then misc tab ,then click on edit button and add bit tornado.exe this will solve the problem the nod 32 does not like connect tomeny peers causing the bt to freeze i hope this helps
  6. sbgsus

    sbgsus TS Rookie Posts: 30

    I would use uTorrent myself...

    low on resources... reliable.. fast
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