BitTorrent! anyone help,opened ports(i think), made firewall fine with It-What to do!

By toddy89
Dec 24, 2005
  1. Hi everyone... I have BitTornado running as a p2p on this computer, and im having problems that seem to afflict everyone that has them according to google search results etc! i was hoping yu guyses could help! I have followed numerous guides, which i have opened ports 6881 to 6889, on my router (belkin 5D7632-4) and i have altered the exceptions for ports 6881 to 6884 on the windows firewall (cant be bothered with the other 6 for now...). I dont know what i should do!! my downloads idle along at 2, maybe up to 5 or 6kbp/s if im lucky! the light is usually yellow, sometimes (rarley) green and sometimes red too. What do i do!?!? please help me. Does anyone know of any good guides prehaps, although ive followed a fair few, on which was helpful but with no avail!

    Thanks, Toddy :dead: ---> :angel:
  2. Spike

    Spike TS Evangelist Posts: 2,168

    OK, to start with this green light shows, even if it is rarely, that you are connectable. Knowing that, it is fair to assume that this is not a port mapping problem nor a firewall issue with regards to those ports you have both forwarded and opened on the firewall.

    I would suggest that the first thing you should do is to open bittornado, and change the range of ports to use to match exactly those ports that you have opened.

    The reasoning with this is that anybody who would countact your client on a port that you have opened on your router, but have not allowed through your firewall, will not be able to connect.

    Once you've done this, try downloading a random but well seeded torrent for 10-15 mins and see what your speeds are after that.

    While doing that, you might like to post back with details of your location and your ISP, as this problem could also be caused by restirctions or traffic management on your ISP's network.
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