BitTorrent P2P users targeted, BEWARE!

By RealBlackStuff
Aug 26, 2005
  1. Mikael

    Mikael TS Rookie Posts: 277

    I really don't think that this should be too surprising to anyone. BT was never really a secure way to share files (that is obviously clear now). I figure if people are going to share files and know that the industries are cracking down on it, it is the users responsibility to try and not get caught.
  2. g.freeman

    g.freeman TS Rookie Posts: 38

    they passed a law in some states where companies like charter and other internet providers cant give your names away no matter what, so even if the government knows you have all these "shared files" they cant do a lot about it.
  3. SornyPanafonic

    SornyPanafonic TS Rookie Posts: 129

    thats true freeman, certain companies (verizon), fought off the lawsuits of the MPAA so they wouldnt have to give up their clients info, while others like cablevision send u letters (ive received them) warning you that you have been identified as trading copyrighted material. i would wager that other big media companies that also happen to be cable companies do the samething, notably time warner.

    i understand that certain companies have to enforce copyright laws, but the fact that you are signaled out using what technically is youre own property (comp and the right to use the cable you pay for) in the privacy of your own home is bull.

    and the supreme court justices, who im sure cant and most likely have never used a pc or know what a mp3 is, just screwed everyone over with their against that stupid p2p company (forgot their name).
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