Bizzare Wireless Network Issue

By NEO|Phyte
Jun 20, 2005
  1. So i have this TRENDnet wireless Ethernet card (TEW-423PI)
    The router is a linksys (unsure of exact version)

    I can connect with it just fine, and the signal ranges in listed strength from "Low" to "no signal".
    It rarely actually disconnects from signal loss. That isnt the problem.

    The problem is: After a few hours, the connection mysteriously fails. The computer says its still connected, but no data is being sent or recieved. Once this happens, any attempt to adjust the wireless network settings (disconnect and reconnect, alter connection setting, etc.) leads to a CPU activity death, requiring a hard reboot. If i dont mess with the wireless stuff, my computer keeps working (just without the network).

    :edit: just noticed this. when the connection goes wonky, the IP and subnet are listed as

    :edit2: My nifty tech-support brother was here, and it seems the problem is a card-system incompatibility

    I have tried:
    *uninstalling and reinstalling the Drivers
    *updating the Drivers
    *moving the card to a different PCI slot
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