Bizzare wireless networking problem!

By Incognito
Nov 3, 2005
  1. Sorry it's long!

    So, just over a month ago the processor in my old computer died a fiery death, it wasn't such big deal really as I had been planning on upgrading for a while. I did a little shopping around and settled for an Athlon 64 3000+ with a WinFast NF4K8AC motherboard, a Sapphire Radeon X800GT (PCI-e) and topped it all off with an extra 512MB RAM to give me a total of 1gig.

    Installing the components and setting up Windows XP went fine and initially all was well...

    Approximately an hour after re-installing all my security, games, MP3s etc I lost connection to my home wireless network. Soon enough the network re-connected but my computer was no-longer receiving packets.

    Here's a description of my network setup:

    Standard DSL wall box connected to a "server" pc via USB --> this computer is the gateway for our home network which serves another three computers by means of a Belkin wireless network hub.

    After a couple of re-installs without any success at stabilising the connection I started to faultfind. First was the network card: I tested another 2 functioning network cards in my computer after swiping them out of the other 2 computers on the network, both failed to establish a stable connection. Further testing proved that my original network card was not at fault either, it performed excellently in the other computers on my network.

    I removed the sound card and gave it another try, no problem there. So I decided to relocate closer to the wireless hub to eliminate the possibility of it just being a wierd blackspot, again no luck.

    Wondering if it was a graphics card problem or pci irq conflict or something I got hold of a PCI Geforce MX 4400. No problem there either. So I called over some techys and let them have a go and they're baffled!

    So out of desparation I've gone back to using network cable between my computer and the server (no problems so far) but only as a last resort and a temporary measure at that.

    Any suggestions? :confused:

    Also, might upgrading to a wireless router help? I'm not looking forward to running that network cable through the wall, under the floorboards upstairs and into the spare room.
  2. YourNameHereRM

    YourNameHereRM TS Rookie

    Try changing the router, suggestions are Linksys they seem to work the best, and go with a wireless router just make sure you encrypt it. Or if you want to keep your current router try customer support?
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