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Feb 27, 2005
  1. help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    just had a system built for me...nothing rock socket a motherboard
    semperon 2800 etc etc... 80 gig hd 512 ram

    my trouble started 3 days ago when i upgraded ram to 1 gig
    when i done this a message stating(to many hardware changes ..pls reinstall xp) popped up...i thought this was fair enough as i had also installed a fancy i installed xp agin...and deleted the partition and started afresh...after installing all of my programes again the sytem became unstable
    and kept going (blue!!!!!!) so time after time ...i reinstalled windows!!!!
    six hours later ...i realised the problem on windows was to do with the fact
    there was a hardware problem...checking the hardware list i discovered the
    vga driver from the motherboards graphics card had been erased ..two hours later i got the drivers and installed them the system works ....but when you boot the computer ...after windows xp profesh pops up, the screen goes black and the fan starts up ...the screen remains black for 3 minutes ..then the fan stops and the screen goes on to log in user screen

    i have just bought today a 64mb radeon graphics card and installed the drivers for this as well ... and i still have the same problem... i have spent 18 hours this weekend trying to fix it...i have tried different display modes as well

    what am i doing wrong it something to do with the power settings in bios????????? is it to much ram??????????? corrupted hard disc...broken monitor ?????? help me please!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. feardaspear

    feardaspear TS Rookie Posts: 25

    Try putting in one One memory module at a time it mite b due to bad memory
  3. rawdog

    rawdog TS Rookie Topic Starter

    bad memory

    tried the above...

    windows boots faster!!!!!
    i have tried both sticks of my 512 to see which one of them is the baddy
    but they both have the same results!!!!!

    so even though the computer builder told me it could handle 1024
    it looks like it struggling!!!!!!

    is it still worth using both sticks and putting up with the slow booting
    as i need it for my music cubase
    which require a lot of power ????
    just to recap its a semperon 2800 and an asrock k7s41 and ddr dim memory512mb running xp service pack 2

    do i need to get rid of my other 512???????????/
  4. rawdog

    rawdog TS Rookie Topic Starter

    what now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    seems like you can disregard the above statement
    after reseting the computer with the 512 in
    it has taken ages to boot again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    cant be the ram then

    im thinking its someting to do with the cpu temperature
    as the fan kicks in when the screen goes black
    then fan goes off when the screen loads after 3 mins
  5. -dark-magician

    -dark-magician TS Rookie

    Im having a simular problem, when windows does its lil splash screen and starts to load, my screen goes black, but it doesnt come up at all.. I can hear msn and stuff sign in, so the O/S is operating properly... I cant even get to safe mode though eaither the last thing that loads is Gagp30kx.sys and its an AGD filter.. so that is my problem im guessing.. but wut can I do about it?
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