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May 4, 2007
  1. Hey all

    i recently have just bought a new pc on vista with two nvidia 7300 gs. So i tryed to download some drivers to get sli working. So i went on the site and downloaded the Uk version of the windows 32 drivers. I installed them correctly then when i tryed to turn on SLI from the nvidia control device i was geting massive probelms with the graphics (vista rated my Gfxs at 1.0). So i looked a little closer and found that if you wanted sli, you would need to download the US version. So i did that and basicly i wrecked my display drivers

    when i boot up it comes with the the options

    Safe mode
    Safe mode with command
    Safe mode with networking

    and Run Vista normally

    if i try to run any of these options all i get is a black screen with a pointer. The computer is running completely fine and i get screensavers if i havnt used it. On the black screen there are no options at all and i cant see anything even if i move my pointer it doesnt change.

    Im sure it has to be a problem with me downloading nvidia driver US over the UK.

    i was just wondering if anyone had he same problem or knew what to do ?

    thanks thewonder1304
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    I had a similar problem with my older system awhile back (but i didn't use SLI drivers tho), i download new drivers for my 6600GT at the time i used that. I must of reinstalled the driver at least 5 times all with the same results, just a black screen on boot-up, heck i didn't even have a cursor on screen. At least you had one LOL :haha: Anyway, whenever I went into safe mode I unintalled the drivers and everything was okay. However in your case you can't even boot into safe mode. Which is a problem.

    I've never used vista before so I'm not exactly sure whats on that. :confused: But if I were you I would first try and do a repair install on vista or use the last known good configuration on your system. There is a way in getting those options to appear before the os loads. In XP I believe it was the F8 key. In vista I'm not sure how thats done, maybe someone else here knows how to do that. :) However while you wait you can hit the F8 key. Try that. If it doesn't work I suggest to try it a couple of times, sometimes I have to keep on mashing on the F8 key to get some results lol. :D
  3. thewonder1304

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    Thanks for the reply mate :)

    I just done what you tryed (thanks alot for the advice)

    The options that come up are

    Enable boot logging
    Enable low - res video
    Last know good config
    Directory restore mode
    Dubugging mode
    Disable auto restart
    disable driver signaure enforcement

    i was kinda hoping for VGA mode to come up as my mate had the same problem with XP and tryed that. Load last known good config didnt work either

    ive tryed all of these but none o them seem to do anything diffrent. Its starting to annoy me now i wanted to play Lotr! Ironicly i said to my mate, ill get my SLI working then ill join you lol

    Ive had driver problems before but now that i cant get to safe mode i cant fix it. :( I could just take it to the guy down town but he will just blame vista and charge me an arm and a leg.

    Thanks for your reply tho :)
  4. thewonder1304

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  5. Aolish

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    Try to hold out from sending it to a shop (unless its a hardware problem), I'm sure someone here will see your thread and help you out. :)

    Great video btw...... mmmmmm, really strange how the last config didn't work either. :confused: Have you tried a repair install of vista? Try that thats very important, if this is however a driver problem a full format of vista would definitely 100% solve your problem. 3 things you can do still:

    1. If you can test your video card on another pc, rule out that the video card isn't defective just in case.

    2. Try to do a repair install of Vista if you can, usually repair installs solves most problems. Pop the vista cd into the tray (make sure your cd drive is the first to boot in the bios) then during setup one of the options will allow you to do a repair install of vista.

    3. You can always try a full format on your PC, if this is indeed a driver problem a full format will definitely solve your problem. Obviously before you format, BACKUP all your favorite and important files. Please remember your going to lose everything if you do format, you will have to reinstall everything all over again if you do this. If you do decide to do a format please read Howards thread about formatting before you do this. You can find the thread *HERE* This is a last resort option, I do recommend on doing the second option though, or you can wait for a better suggestion from another user.
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