Black Screen..How do I get rid of it?

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Jan 2, 2007
  1. So I was playing my Sims game and when I went to save froze. I hit the restart button after tryin everything else. It didn't restart at all it just went to a black screen..I can't turn it off..the disc drive isn't spinning and wont open. Nothing works. It is just a plain old black screen as if it weren't even on. I tried unplugging it and plugging it back it but nothing will work..someone please help :'(
  2. tweakboy

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    What happens when you turn on your PC ?

    Does the monitor light turn green ? if its staying orange your not getting a video signal,,

    make sure connection is nicely connected, and also make sure you giving power to video card from psu ,, make sure molex is connected ,,

    Let us know ,, gl,
  3. ThaPrincess

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    The light on the monitor did stay green..but i just unplugged everything and plugged it all back in and it worked. Now I got a new problem. I bought the Sims 2 game and it requires a 800 Mhz processor and a 32 byte video card or something to that effect and my video card isn't good enough and I only have a 431Mhz..what does that mean? I have to get a new computer to play it? I'm very depressed :( I was looking forward to playing it :p
  4. Ritwik7

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    That's pretty obvious...U'll have 2 get urself a new processor and video card...(Though what a 32 byte video card is, I dnt know!!!). Check the requirements of the game and proceed accordingly.
    All the best.
  5. tweakboy

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    Definitely cpu problem overheating,, possibly,, install proper drivers,,
  6. MetalX

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    You will definately need a whole new system to play the sims 2. Just make sure that if you get a dell, the videocard is not INTEGRATED.
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