Black Screen Nothing comes on

By shirzay
Dec 8, 2005
  1. I got 2 PCs both are exactly the same in spect and make, just over a year old. one of them was making a westling noise i opened it and took the fan of the processor off to check the model and get a new fan because it was the cause of the noise. i took the processor out with the fan and then placed the processor and the fan back on the mother board (ofcourse made sure that the pins of the processor properly sets in and doesnt bend). when i started the computer i get a black screen i dont get nothing on the screen no message no grey window nothing just as if the monitor is off. but yet the hard drive spins and everything, i cant get to the bios it does not show anything, i thought it is the graphic card. i opened the other pc which as i said is identical and placed the graphic card of that pc and still the same problem i then tested the graphic card of the first machine in the second one it is perfictly working so i know it is not the graphic card. i then though it may be the processor and i carefully took out the processor of the second pc and placed it in the first one still the same problem. i then put back the processor in the second machine and realised that it is not working too. now both of my machines are not working they both show a black screen as if it is off and show nothing, but the hard drive is spinning. can someone help me plz.
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    uh.. this sure is the right spot to post your question.

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