Black Screen on Boot Up

By sKuarecircle
Jan 17, 2005
  1. I reformatted a computer by booting from the CD Drive and Following the XP Prompts,the plan was to install Xp.However the installation ran into a couple of snags ,mainly that certian files were not anble to be copied from the XP insatllion disc.I opted to skip the files and continue with the installation with the intent of sorting out the problems later.The insalltion hung a liitle while later though.
    Because of time constarints I had to power the computer down and take it home to sort out,now the computer will not even boot up,nothing nada.just a black screen.When I got back and booted it up the first time a cursor was flashing in th top left corner of the screen but now nothing.I have inserted the Cd,as well as a stiffy to check if it would give me a response but nothing.
    The bios was set to boot from Cd,but now it will not even let me get into the Bios,it simply does not get that far,
    Can anyone offer a couple of checks that I van go through to pinpiont the problem?

    Dazed And Confused
    South Africa

    I left the Tower on its side in the boot of my car ,with the sides off,could static have fried the board to the piont that nothing works?
    No actual part of the Mobo was touching the carpet.
  2. patio

    patio TS Guru Posts: 482

    Yes ,
    Static travels thru any material that is conductive, since the case is metal this is very possible...

    patio. :cool:
  3. sKuarecircle

    sKuarecircle TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Got It

    Thanks ,however the problem is sorted out.
    Naughty little Bank of RAM.I had uograded about two days before,any way after browsing the site yesterday I did see quite a bit of reference to memeory in these situations,but since i installed at least TWO DAYS before the re format I discounted it as a possible problem.Thats why went ahead and posted yesterday,I actually suspected that I had Fried the Mobo.
    Anyway took out th elast stick of RAM,hey presto!!!
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