Black Screen Problem for disabling the graphic adapter

By cenobite321
Jan 28, 2006
  1. Ok, this is the story:

    I have a Compaq X1000 with a Mobility Radeon 9200 card and a Windows XP OS.

    I recently got problems with my ATI card because after 5-10 minutes of having my computer on, the screen started to jump and it froze, having me to reboot my computer. After that I just disabled the ATI driver (via adapter's propierties), hoping that solved the problem, but it didn't. So, hoping that the ATI was now fixed, I tried to change from the VGA (the default that the computer has) to the ATI, but I couldn't, so I (foolishly) disabled the VGA adapter (also via adapter's propierties) and I rebooted my computer, but when I did, I just had a black screen, although I could still hear the sound.

    Can one of you please help me to solve this and return everything back to normal? Thanks
  2. iss

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    you need to enter the bios during boot up and enable the video adapter.
  3. cenobite321

    cenobite321 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    My bios is like this:

    You can only choose the next options:

    System Info - Detects there is an ATI card BIOS date: 2003/05/20
    Restore defaults - Already tried it
    Save Changes and Exit
    Ignore changes and exit

    Admin password
    Pwr on password
    DriveLock Password
    Device Security - Everything is enabled here
    System IDs - I don't know what this is

    Battery Calibration - I don't think this is important
    HDD Self-Test options - I ran the quick test and it said: Error: Read failure

    Boot options - Multibot is disabled and the boot order is First: Optical Device, Second: Hard Drive
    Device options - Parallel port mode: ECP
    USB Legacy support: Enable

    Ok, this may sound stupid, but is this the BIOS? or do I need to press something else at the start?
  4. cenobite321

    cenobite321 TS Rookie Topic Starter

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