Black Screen w/ Mouse cursor (have searched, still no help :S)

By Diablobasher
Sep 10, 2006
  1. Greetings.

    Before i get the old "You should search" thing that i would expect :) let me just tell you, i have searched this forum, i have searched the internet, i have spent ALL morning trying to fix this problem. And ontop of that, ive had a REAL bad couple of days so please, please, i ask you, throw me a bone and help me out ;_;

    Ive searched around, but the problems similar to mine have slightly different symptoms, and because there is a lot of stuff on the harddrive that i need to save, i decided i would at least make a post about it incase any of the solutions for similar problems would just make it worse.

    Whats happened is i was trying to rid my computer of some spyware, and ended up using something called x-raypc. It deleted the first thing it told me was malware. Then boom, my PC restarted. It made me do a disk check, i let it continue all the way, then the screen went black and it rebooted again.

    Ever since, when i turn it on, it goes past the bios part, then before i get any windows loading or startup screen, the screen goes black, and i get a mouse cursor. If i leave it for an hour or so, suddenly up pops the login screen, and i can login. But it takes another 30mins - 2 hours to load my user settings. Then when i finnaly get in, i cannot get into any folders or files, and the taskbar is just a grey line a few pixels high.

    The system is windows XP pro, 1 gig of ram, dont really know the rest, some form of asus motherboard, and i think a gforce 5600fx graphics card. Not 100% sure on the card though, but its nvidia for sure. I think my HDDs are Maxtor too. I found in another post someone said they fixed a similar problem with something called PowerMax bootable.iso. Which ive downloaded, but as i said before, because my problem is slightly different, i dont want to make it worse. before getting some advice.

    Im on my laptop now.

    I would be so grateful for any help, i need it fixed by tuesday as im back at college and need it for college work ;_;
  2. fastco

    fastco TS Booster Posts: 1,123

    I don't think that Powermax disk will really help you because I think all that does is tell you if the drive is bad. Have you tried doing a system restore yet? Start the computer and press F8, choose Restore Windows to a previous working state and hopefully the Spyware didn't screw up you restore points.
  3. Diablobasher

    Diablobasher TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Ok ill give that a go and see what happens.



    Ok, tried that, nothing happened, just the same black screen and cursor. Also tried safe mode, again, same but with the 'safe mode' thing at each corner.

    What im thinking about doing now, although its not the preffered solution :( is to just take out the HDDs with the stuff i want on them, shove em into the portable hdd shell, and try to remove the stuff i want. Then format them and start a fresh.

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