black screen win 98

By ralfaro
Jan 2, 2004
  1. Hi, yesterday I have installed a game called "Apache air assault", evrething was ok, then I have tried to play and the computer get stack. Then I rebooted the computer And it shows "Windows 98 loading", but when it finished loading the screen gets full black, I can´t see the desktop. But it seems that system was loaded, i can move the mouse a click it and I hear that it´s working ok, but I cant see anithing.
    Then I reboot meny times but its always the same, so I reboot the computer in safe modee and then I could see the dektop, so I unistalled the game, and reboot again, but the problem is still there, I ca´n not see anithing, the screen gets full black when the system finished loading th win 98.
    My pc is an IBM Thinkpad a21m;PIII 800Mhz;64MB ram

    please help me, thanks!!!!!!
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