Black Screen with Active Cursor on Boot

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Jan 19, 2008
  1. Hi, I have a problem booting XP on a dell notebook
    It goes through BIOS, the black XP screen with scrolling bar(sits on this for ages), then, if starting from cold it will load windows fine albeit slowly. However if i am restarting (pc warm) it goes through the black XP screen with scrolling bar, then to a black screen with an active cursor(not flashing). It does nothing else, Ive tried Ctrl+Alt+Delete with no effect. If I let it cool down it will boot fine (but slowly).
    Ive also noticed a flag(!) against the processor in the device manager that says the driver is corrupt or missing. Would this cause the startup problems? How do I fix the driver for the processor?

    Any help would be great!
  2. mscrx

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    it could be a problem with the cpu or cpu fan? does the fan run if the computer gets hot(ter)? it usually runs alot more intensive then in idle status.
    from windows you could just click on remove device. never tried it for the processor item but it should do and ask you to reboot. shut the computer just down and let it cool down. then try to boot it up. it should install the "driver" for the cpu on its own. btw what kind of cpu is it? and what dell model is it?
  3. M@Y

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    The fan seems to work ok, sometimes its roaring other times its barley audible. Its a dell Inspiron 2200 with a celeron M processor.
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  5. mscrx

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    yes, you should update the chipset drivers first and see what the outcome is with your cpu in the device manager
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