By bettyboop911
Mar 18, 2006
  1. how do i get rid of blackworm virus? my son downloads bunches of music and he always gets viruses. my husband tinkers around with adware and spyware blockers but he still got this. any suggestions? also, how do you protect yourself in the future? we've had to reformat the hard drive more than once because of these types of issues.

    have tried pc cillin and different adware/spyware detectors. thanks.
  2. howard_hopkinso

    howard_hopkinso TS Rookie Posts: 24,177   +19

    First thing to do is stop your son from downloading stuff, otherwise this is just going to keep on happening.

    Follow the instructions below.

    Download the Blackworm removal tool from HERE. Be sure to read the instructions carefully.

    Once you`ve done that, go HERE and have your computer scanned.

    Then, go and read both these threads by RBS. Follow all the instructions exactly.

    How to remove Trojans and its ilk! and How to remove Begin2search / coolwebsearch and other nasties.

    Then see. How to post your Hijackthis log-file as an ATTACHMENT.

    Only post your HJT log, after doing the above.

    I am going to request that this thread be moved to the security and the web forum.

    Regards Howard :)
  3. tomrca

    tomrca TS Rookie Posts: 1,000

    if your husband is tinkering with programmes that are downloaded he is more likely to get worms and viruses than your son, unless of course the music comes in folders, then they could be equally at fault.
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