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Mar 27, 2004
  1. Putting together a new system. I was getting a video display and working on connecting my hard drives when I stopped getting a video display.

    My Sony Monitor goes to the power saving mode.

    I have tried clearing the cosmos, tested using different monitor and video card, loosened and tighted scrws, reset memory and CPU fan.

    I am using a Shuttle AK32 v,2.1 but I see a label on one of the ports that says Shuttle AK35.

    My board does not exactly match the diagram for the 32 or the 35.

    It has a VT233A chipset and I am using an ATI 64 AGP video card.

    I have never flashed a bios. I do not get any beeps from the computer although the fans go and the drive ights flash.

    I am wondering if I need to install a bios and also how I can verify which board I was actually shipped.

    Or any other suggestions that might shed light on the subject.

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    I found the name of the board. It is a AK35GT, and the chipset is VIA KT266A. Bios is bult i 2MB Flash ROM Award PnP Bios DMI 2.3

    I don't know what that means. It seems hard to find information on this board which arrived without a manual> I haven't found a site for downloading the manual yet but there is a reveiw on this site.

    I was installing a new Maxtor 160 gig drive and my smaller maxtor old drive (40 gig) which I was going to copy on to the new drive. I was trying to get the master /slave working. The system had recognized both drives independently and I thought Ihad the relationship right, when the video display vanished. I tried disconnecting the drives, which didn't solve anything. For the moment I just have the larger drive connectd, which is set up as the master drive.
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    Actually I found out the Bord is a AK35GTR V2.2

    I downloaded the manual and saw that the first page has a warning about the CPU fan. Since I saw (at another board) where someone had the same problem as I was dealing with and had resolved it by resituating the CPU fan, I decided to try it again. I had already resituated it once without affecting any change and since the picture in the book looked as though the fan plug was on the other side from where I had it (closest to the plug on the Mobo) so I decided to try reversing the CPU fan.

    After that the power supply went on and then off again right away, so I decided to turn it around again but the problem persisted except that now it is on for an even briefer amount of time.

    THis is back to square one ( actualy more like square five) before I installed a new motherboard.

    I was formerly using a soltek, and had first a problem where the power supply went and I replaced the power supply. After that my hard drive suddenly crashed and I completely lost it.

    When I ordered a new hard drive ( the Maxtor 160.gig) and was trying to install it, just when I was setting it up to go, the computer powered up and then turned off right away in a similar way as it is doing now.

    I switched the processor and memory with a similarr computer and found that they were fine. I left my former processor in that computer rather than switch since the processors were both AMD1700.

    Then I ordered the Shuttle board and once again the problem started when I connected the Maxtor 160 with the Maxtor 40 as a slave and put the drive format disk in the A drive.

    The difference is that the second time around I had the A drive switch reversed so the drive wasn't actually working ( not reading the format disk). I corrected that after the video display went out which I was able to confirm by the action of the lights.

    After I bought the new Maxtor I found out that the reputation of Maxtor drives has gone downhill in the last year.

    Is it a co-incidence that both problems occured when I was trying to format the new Maxtor disk?

    Is there a common thread going on between the two MOBO's or pure co-incidence.

    I have a new case, a new power supply, a differnt CPU, a new motherboard, a new video card, the same memory which was in the other computer for a week or so without causing problems.


    (also does anyone know the function of the red switch on the power supply which is currently set at 115? _no instructions on that setting came with the case).... and every thing is made in China, of course.
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